Examples of improvements in osteopathy for babies.

Examples of improvements in osteopathy for babies

No parent can have a baby and not wish for its healthy growth and wellbeing.
However, when it is your first baby, there are many things to worry about when raising a child.
Many mothers are concerned about their baby’s balance, skeletal structure, bone distortion and whether there is anything wrong with their joints, cervical spine or pelvis.
If there is a distortion or imbalance of the bones, this can hinder growth in the future.
This can lead to a child with poor posture and chronic complaints of back pain and headaches.
If your baby has any of these concerns, you may wish to consider osteopathic treatment.
Osteopathy is a therapy that is distinct from Oriental and Western medicine and is based on the idea that the body is a unit and that there is a correlation between body functions and healing.
The specific osteopathic treatment is based on gentle manual techniques and does not cause side effects or harm to the baby.

Examples of improvements in babies treated with osteopathy

Osteopathy specifically uses manual techniques to return the joints, skeleton, pelvis and spinal column, muscles and tendons to their original position.
The internal organs located there will then return to their original position and function normally.

The blood flow improves and the natural healing power increases. Here are some examples of actual improvements when osteopathy is used on babies.

When babies are born, their skulls are temporarily deformed in order to pass through the birth canal.
This distortion of the skull heals spontaneously, but there are rare cases where it does not.
If the skull deformity remains intact, the intracranial drainage does not work properly, leading to recurrent otitis media.
The tension of the intracranial membranes can also cause problems in daily life.

However, it has been reported that osteopathy can improve distortions and eliminate these symptoms.
Other problems such as distortions of the facial line and back muscles are also improved, and normal development and growth can be seen.


Babies are sometimes born with a deformed skull due to the birth canal. This heals spontaneously, but in rare cases it does not heal and otitis media is more likely to recur.
Osteopathy can also be useful in these cases where there are problems with the baby’s growth and function.
Osteopathy is a gentle manual therapy that is ideal for babies and helps to correct distortions in the skull and promote normal development.
Osteopathy is based on the idea of correlation between function and healing and has few side effects.

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