What baby ailments would you recommend osteopathy for?

Osteopathy for indigestion

When a baby has a poor appetite or is cranky, it is likely to be suffering from indigestion.

If breast milk or formula passes through the stomach before it is digested, it enters the small intestine.

If it is not digested well in the small intestine, gas is produced and this mechanism can cause problems for the baby.

This also applies to symptoms such as significantly more frequent stools than usual and loose, watery stools.

This is due to stress during pregnancy and childbirth, which affects the baby and makes it unable to relax.
When osteopathy applies light force to the baby, the natural healing powers are enhanced.

Natural healing helps a great deal in stabilising the state of mind, so that the baby can cope better with stress and thrive.

When the body is less prone to digestive problems in babies, osteopathy can help them to lead independent lives without health concerns when they reach adulthood and are in positions of social responsibility.

Various disorders suffered by the cranium

When the baby is in the mother’s tummy, it is growing under a lot of pressure at the cranium.

During birth, more force is also applied to the birth canal and many babies’ heads become distorted.
These pressures particularly affect the nerves in the lips, cheeks and tongue.

If not dealt with properly, they can lead to problems such as inability to suck the milk properly.
The stress on the jawbone during childbirth can also prevent it from taking a good shape.
This means that the teeth are not given proper space and become misaligned.
If the nasal nerves are affected, it becomes difficult to breathe through the nose and the patient will breathe through the mouth.

This is another cause of misaligned teeth. In mouth-breathing babies, the tongue cannot support the arch of the teeth, so the teeth do not sit in their proper place.
Osteopathy is effective in ensuring the space needed for normal growth. Babies who receive osteopathy are better able to use their nerves and muscles.


Osteopathy is recommended for a variety of baby problems such as indigestion, mouth breathing and teeth.
It can relieve a lot of pressure that the baby’s cranium underwent during pregnancy and at birth.
Problems that often trouble mothers, such as not drinking milk or crying at night, can also be caused by nervous stress.
Osteopathy is strong enough not to be a burden on the baby and helps to support the baby’s body and mind by enhancing the natural healing powers and restoring calm to the parent-child relationship.

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