General osteopathic treatment for babies

Osteopathy supports the body’s natural healing powers

Osteopathy is a treatment method that enhances the body’s natural healing powers by adjusting the muscles and skeleton.
The beauty of this treatment is that it can address a wide range of ailments in the body.
Adjustments are made to the entire body, including the lymphatic system, blood vessels and the skeleton, leading to a balanced and healthy state.

The body is naturally capable of regaining health.
However, when various problems such as muscle tension, skeletal distortion and stress accumulate, the body’s self-healing powers cannot be fully utilised.

If the body’s healing powers can be enhanced by osteopathy, the body’s natural rhythm and balance can be restored.
Osteopathic treatment is used for children and babies as well as adults.
The treatment is safe for babies as it is basically a manual technique and involves gentle touch to the body and head.
Another advantage of osteopathy is that, unlike drugs, there is no risk of side effects.

Osteopathic treatment to reshape the skull

Osteopathy is a treatment method developed by an American doctor, but has spread throughout the world.
In Japan, it is also available at various facilities such as treatment centres and osteopathic clinics.
Osteopathy is used as a treatment method to reshape the skull in treatment centres for children and babies.

Many people have heard that babies’ heads are very soft and delicate and are easily distorted. In some cases, distortion is caused by factors such as carrying the baby in the same direction or tilting the head when sleeping.
In osteopathic treatment, the baby’s head is gently touched.
The soft touch technique helps the bones of the head to move in a normal way and promotes the elimination of distortions.
There is no strong touching of the skull or shaking of the body.
Safe and soft osteopathic treatment is considered to be possible from about one month of age.


Osteopathy, which supports the body’s natural healing powers, is a revolutionary treatment method that helps to balance the entire body and bring it back to health.
In some cases, chronic ailments have been improved by attending a treatment centre or osteopathic clinic and receiving osteopathic treatment. Because it is a gentle, hands-on treatment, it is safe even for delicate babies.

If you want to support your baby’s health in a gentle way, or if you want your baby’s skull to grow nicely, you should look into osteopathy.

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